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ROSv6 PCQ queue problem [SOLVED]

Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2014 8:47 pm
by Benik3
EDIT: Solved, change target in simple queue to equivalent subnet (e.g.


I use in our network simple queue with PCQ to limit speed on each address. On ROS v5 and lower it worked like a charm, but now I discovered, that on two RB, which has ROS v6, it no longer works.
Exactly it looks like download queue is working, but upload not.
I know that there were changes in queue in v6, but I don't know, how to implement it.

Here is the "script" which I use for making the queue:
:global rozsah;
/queue type
add kind=pcq name=pcq_upload pcq-classifier=src-address pcq-rate=4M pcq-total-limit=10000 pcq-limit=50
add kind=pcq name=pcq_download pcq-classifier=dst-address pcq-rate=16M pcq-total-limit=10000 pcq-limit=50

:set rozsah "1";
/ip firewall
mangle add action=mark-packet chain=prerouting  src-address=("10.0.$rozsah.1-10.0.$rozsah.199") new-packet-mark=("upload_$rozsah")
mangle add action=mark-packet chain=postrouting dst-address=("10.0.$rozsah.1-10.0.$rozsah.199") new-packet-mark=("download_$rozsah")

/queue simple
add name=("pcq_$rozsah") packet-marks=("upload_$rozsah,download_$rozsah") queue=pcq_upload/pcq_download target=""
When I looked on counter in mangle, it looks like marking works OK.
Any idea?
Thank you

EDIT: tested a little now. It doesn't use the upload limits which I setted, instead of this it use download limit also for upload! (on RB2011 with ROS 6.15)
Then I tested it on RB800 with ROS v6.7, there it looks, that it works OK

EDIT2: After adding to queue tree instead of simple it works.
Anyway still there is some bug. Can anyone test it also?

Re: ROSv6 PCQ queue problem

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 4:35 am
by eschuch
I had a similar problem with 6.15 and downgrade to 6.7. Now it is working fine.

Re: ROSv6 PCQ queue problem

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 1:08 pm
by Benik3
Thanks for reply!
To be sure, I just booted old RB433 with netinstalled ROS v6.15.
And the simple queue works here :shock:
Maybe it's related only to some RBs?

EDIT: RB600 with 6.18 has also problem...

Re: ROSv6 PCQ queue problem

Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2014 6:13 pm
by Chupaka
that's because of
- queue cannot determine, which packets are upload of, and which are download :) use more specific target (like LAN or or add dst=WAN

Re: ROSv6 PCQ queue problem

Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2014 7:34 pm
by Benik3
Thanks, I will test it :)

EDIT: It looks that it works, thank you! 8)