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Max Connection Count for RB2011uias-2hnd-in

Wed Jul 23, 2014 12:57 pm

What is the maximum connection count the hardware of RB2011 can handle? Currently if I use bittorrent, my connection count goes to about 3000~4000 and my Titanfall on Xbox One starts to lag. I've tried to setup some queues but the game still lags.

I've consulted some friends and they say that the hardware just isn't capable of that kind of connection limit. However to my knowledge RB2011 should be a good enough router for home use? My setup is actually fairly simple, 1 NAS 1Xbox 3 notebooks. Currently surfing is quite smooth, but gaming is extremely laggy when BT is turned on. To be more precise, gaming is laggy when connection rate is high, regardless if BT is on or off.

Is RB2011 capable of handling connection count of 3000+?

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Re: Max Connection Count for RB2011uias-2hnd-in

Wed Jul 23, 2014 1:14 pm

3000 is a bit excessive for home use, but other than that monitor the resources of the RB2011 see if it is actually your routerboard choking.

Could it be your Torrenting flooding your WAN link causing the lag? Priority Queuing will only help so much with these kind of problems.

I have an RB2011 and regularly run 2000+ connections with out a problem.

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