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Mikrotik 1100AH PPPoE Server to DSLAM

Fri Aug 01, 2014 4:31 am

Hi gurus!

This is my first time to use Mikrotik as Gateway and PPPoE server as well. I'm just having issue with regard to PPPoE dialing of my ADSL clients.

Connection is like this: (ISP) <--> (Port 1 of 1100AH's, port 2) <--> (DSLAM).

When I tried to perform PPPoE dialing using my laptop which is directly connected to my 1100AH's port 2, there's no problem. The laptop can authenticate and get connected to the Internet.

The problem is when I used to plugged the DSLAM's Ge/Fe port to 1100AH's port 2, ADSL clients wasn't able to have a successful PPPoE dialing. The DSL modem is already in bridge mode. I noticed that when I', trying to configure the IP Address on the laptop connected the the DSL modem, it can connect and have Internet but when trying to do PPPoE dialing, no good.

Can someone help me with my problem?

Thank you.

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