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IPSEC: Default policy template [6.18/6.19rc4] - tilera

Mon Aug 04, 2014 6:53 pm

What's new in 6.18 (2014-Aug-01 10:47):

*) ipsec - fix addition of default policy template;

Good afternoon,

Default policy template still present in 6.18 and 6.19rc4 on Tilera: CCR1016-12G [firmware: 3.18] (fresh nand flash via netinstall 6.18)

Not visible in export via cli but present via winbox, if disabled via winbox it appears in export via cli like this:

ros code

/ip ipsec policy
set (unknown) disabled=yes
Could you please check this?

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Re: IPSEC: Default policy template [6.18/6.19rc4] - tilera

Mon Sep 29, 2014 2:40 am

Please mark this post under the top headline as a bug report!

Submit this post as a bug report to MikroTik Technical Support:
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