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BUG: RB250GS cannot store VLAN settings

Posted: Thu Aug 07, 2014 10:29 pm
by mainTAP
Hi all,

My RB250GS started to behave very oddly after playing with VLANs.
It seems that the switch thinks it is RB260 as the interface changed and I can also see SFP tab in the menu.

I was using swOSv1.12 and added 3 VLANs , vlan1,vlan100 and vlan 200. I set the port 1 as passing all three vlans and port 2 to pass just vlan 200.
Like the example for router on a stick here : ... woSwitches

After applying and about 4 minutes I could not get to the switch and had to reboot it.
Once the switch booted up, I could see the the VLANs interface has changed to what I suppose looks like RB260 rather then RB250.

Which would not be a problem but it cannot save any VLAN settings now. I can add VLANS but the port settings don't save.
Also reboot button from the menu doesn't work anymore.

Please see attached VLANs.jpg to see how the interface of my RB250 looks now. Before it was just with checkboxes for individual ports instead of dropdown boxes. SFP tab appeared now as well.

I have tried to update to 1.13 and also to downgrade back to 1.12 but the situation is still the same. ( yes I made sure I uploaded firmware for RB250 ; )
EDIT : and I also tried to reset the switch to factory defaults

Has anybody experienced something like this ? How can I get it back to functional state ?
Any help would be much appreciated.


Re: BUG: RB250GS cannot store VLAN settings

Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2014 1:31 am
by mainTAP
Okay, I got it sorted, It works under a different browser / it stored some wrong information in the browser and messed up the web interface.
I don't know why I did not think of this in the first place :)

PS: sorry for posting in wrong thread.

Re: BUG: RB250GS cannot store VLAN settings

Posted: Sat Aug 09, 2014 5:42 pm
by mainTAP
The interface changed again :/ , I did not do any change nor the switch restarted and the web interface changed to RB260 :/
I am using chrome, by accessing through separate incognito windows I get the original RB250 interface. The switch is using swOS1.13.
It is a bit weird to be honest