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Can't login to router after some period ...

Fri Jun 02, 2006 1:35 pm


we have some repeating behavior here. Well, we used to have some hw problems in the past, but other than that, our main router works correctly for last two months. We have 2.9.22 version running there, and once in two/three weeks, we are not able to login to router. It just starts to login via winbox, then it tells me that "Router has been disconnected!".

I thought to myself, that login via ssh should do well, if it is eventually Winbox problem. But when I try to lon-in, it tells me "Access denied". Internet is accessible for our clients.

So I thought about server take-over, but after reboot, it is good, old passwords work, and nothing special is in the log.

Anyone having such a problem?


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