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RSTP on VLANs and non VLANs.

Fri Aug 29, 2014 10:06 am

Can anyone confirm this for me.

RSTP is not stopping loops on a VLAN, unless the VLAN itself is member of the bridge (in otherwords, the BDPU packet must be inside the VLAN for it to work).

1) So when the BDPU packet passes through other switches, presumably its fine if some switches the VLAN ID is different to other switches, right? (IN the case where the Mikrotik bridged these two VLANs - RSTP should still work correctly on them?)

2) have anyone out there seen switches that stop the BDPU packets but still allow the loop to occur (perhaps if the switch supports (R)STP but its disabled, and as a result filters the BDPU packet?

Thanks in advance

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