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LoadBalancing ISA Traffic using PCC

Mon Sep 15, 2014 5:25 pm

I have 3 WAN link (1MB,2MB,4MB).
my clients get access to the internet by setting proxy on their pc and their traffic will be sent to the ISA server and ISA will ...


I'm going to config PCC on my MikroTik router so the clients can use all 7 MBs available bandwidth, but...
i was wonder how should I classifier my traffic so can configure PCC on MikroTik because they send traffic to the ISA and the ISA will do his job as proxy server and of course all clients will have same IP address (the ISA IP address) so they cannot get classifierd by source addresses ...

i think the best method is classifiering by ports , but have no idea to use source port or both ports ?
is there any better solution?

p.s : i've heard the pcc loadbalancing may cause some connection issues on HTTPS website, is that true ? how can I make that solved?

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