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RB951G-2HnD Sometimes will not boot - very strange behaviour

Thu Oct 09, 2014 11:29 am


RB951G-2HnD this is my new toy. I have been using it 14 days... and as I move it from location to location and play with it I must shutdown and disconnect power from the unit. In 90% of cases I do WinBox->System->Shutdown. Then (30sec later lets say) I remove mains from PSU and if I power it ON again the unit boots, beeps and router is back in business, working OK as it should.

But... I have already had 3 situations when router would not boot properly after power ON. The unit looks like it is booting, LEDS, beeps and so on. BUT NO WiFi interface brought up (to be precise no SSID seen in air), RJ45 connection like dead =no DHPC seen by PC, no response at all ;-( (did not check if winbox would find it on the net)
If I make a power reset - unit backs to life. When it finally boots , it is rock solid.

Why is that? Is it a hardware fault? Maybe "proper" menu shutdown is buggy? Unit should always boot okay, even after unclean power OFF should not it?

What can I do? Should I return it to the shop? They might not see the problem since it is RARE, like 20 power offs and 1 fault boot!
If I had monitor... but it is not supported, no serial console too... so I do not know what is happening out there, in the router.

Please help, I like the router, very power full and reach in features but it MUST boot each time correctly!

NOTICE: it is always equipped with Huawei E176G modem (which does work with this box).

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