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serve WPAD.dat file

Wed Nov 12, 2014 10:25 am


Please can you allow us to host/serve a WPAD.dat file on the mikrotik.

If a site does not have another server, you cant use WPAD.dat. since wpad config at each site is different, you cant use a centralised server to host your wpad.dat. I'm refferring to wpad.dat via DNS (the more supported option, some browser suport WPAD.dat via dhcp, but firefox for example only support via DNS).

Now the reasons you need WPAD.dat is you may have restricted policies, and hotspot is not the desired config. therefore you require wpad.dat, you need to serve the file on the local network, but you dont have one = fail.

allowing us to server up WPAD.dat from the build in server (or even proxy), will make things a lot simpler.

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