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Feature request: show static routes quickly

Posted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 12:39 am
by bigcw
In a BGP setup on the public internet the routing table contains ~500k routes at present. In my setup where I have multiple full and partial BGP peers I have 1.6m entries in the routing table.

/ip route export

...enables you to see the static routes which have been set up. However it does not give an ID number, so they cannot be edited.

In order to get the ID number the only way I know is to do:

/ip route print where static=yes

...however this takes a long time (several minutes) and maxes out a CPU core on the router. I'm not sure whether the latter has any adverse effects on other processes, but it is certainly extremely annoying having to wait minutes to get the output.

The same is true in the web interface.

Can you please include a command that allows me to list the static routes with their ID numbers quickly.