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Queue tree and prorities

Wed Nov 26, 2014 5:06 pm

I am reading and practicing about queue tree and PARENTS....

Before today, I always used a linear QUEUE TREE, with put parent, just the interfaces... But the best of grouping in PARENTS is because you can group together de bandwidth for a group of rules.... but I have a question....

If a create a parent with maximun download speed= 10 Mbps and priority 5
and the inside rules, has for example 6 Mbps download and priority 6
and other one, 6 Mbps downlod and priority 6...

What is the influence of the parent priority?

I know, both rules never will be over 10 Mbps (the parent limit) but, what about the priority?

Here, and example of my new rules:

add limit-at=512k max-limit=9130k name=customer-download parent=ether2-master-local priority=6 queue=test-sfq
add max-limit=448k name=p2p-customers-download packet-mark=P2P-customers parent=customer-download queue=default
add limit-at=128k max-limit=9130k name=rest-customers-download packet-mark=REST-customers parent=customer-download priority=7 queue=test-sfq
add limit-at=256k max-limit=9130k name=web-customers-download packet-mark=HTTP-customers parent=customer-download priority=6 queue=test-sfq

and.. if I have anothe parent with MAIN priority 3, but inside I have a priority 7. Whats if first? the last posted rule with PARENT 6, and inside 7, of the other with parent 3, and inside 7?

Thank you
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Re: Queue tree and prorities

Sat Nov 29, 2014 12:19 pm


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