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winbox multi ports view

Sun Dec 07, 2014 11:43 am

This topic about multi parameters for some windows as shown below
it's is crowded as much as you add more ports and you can't see the options below them. I am suggestion two ways to fix this issue
1st: as below
where icons function are :-
row up, down for sorting
+,- adding and removing new port
x ,/ for enable and disable ports
The spot at left outfit line is for shows other ports . the number under outfit line is shows (index of first port shows : number of ports)

2nd: as below
clicking three dots will show new windows as below
The 2nd option is more easy and applicable
this can be apply to all windows which accept multi ports to avoid mess view
there is another option which is adding scroll par at left or right side at window to move up down to see all view
hope to get some attention about this issue

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