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Links become unstable with two different 802.3ad lacp links

Tue Dec 09, 2014 7:40 am


I had the following configuration that currently worked great:
[Cisco SG200-50]--- 2pcs gigabit ethernet 802.3ad -- [ MikroTik CCR1016-12G ]

I use VLAN tagging on the bond, and it works great.
But then I wanted to connect a synology SAN to the CCR with more than 1gbps.

[Cisco SG200-50]--- 2pcs gigabit ethernet 802.3ad -- [ CCR1016-12G ] -- 2 pcs gigabit ethernet 802.3ad -- [ Synology RS3412xs ]

Now the link between the cisco and the mikrotik is very unstable. every 10-20 seconds I get a period of 5-6 seconds where there is no packets between the equipment. Looking at the Cisco, I can see that both conenctions of the 802.3ad bond is in "passive" mode, and not "active", hence they have lost the bonding, and then both and sometimes only one is active. Seems like the link keeps falling out. Since I have VLAN tagging on the bond, the links must be inside the bond to retreive vlan tagged data.

Any idea why the FIRST linke become unstable when I connect the SECOND bonding link? The cpu usage of the CCR is below 1%. It runs RouterOS 6.22. When I disable one of the two links to the synology, the first link becomes stable again. The log of the CCR says nothing. To my surprise, there seems to be little logging about the state of a bond in routeros?

Anyone have any idea, or should this be reported officially as a bug?

Håkon Nessjøen

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