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Bridging 2 networks with AP as middle man?

Thu Jan 08, 2015 5:18 pm

I need to bridge two networks that only connect to each other via an AP in the middle. (all routerboards)

As operator I have access to AP (which has default route to 3rd, ethernet, connection)
Remote networks are NOT to have internet access nor any other way to reach my network behind the ether interface of the AP.

I set up an IP in the wlan of AP and dhcp-server so AP-wlan also assigns IP in same range to both wlan interface of connected clients. (These are the only two connected clients)

In AP I have set forwarding to "yes" so I presume both clients should be able to 'talk' to eachother.

In both clients I set a vlan interface on the ether interface and bridge that interface with the wlan (working in "station-bridge" mode)

I presumed the vlan (use of service tag is "yes") would pass transparent the AP and connect both end with a virtual tunnel.
But If I set IP's on both ends on the bridge interface, they don't even 'see' each other.... No ping, nothing... Why not? What am I missing?

If AP was working as router between both clients I could bridge it and vlan would pass transparent..
But now AP just has to pass traffic from one client to other client (so as a switch I presume) but now the vlan doesn't pass???

I post this now since I am in a hurry to go. If I see no reply later today I will produce a graph and terminal prints...

Any suggestions?
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