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AP (Hotspot) - TP-LINK client

Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:01 pm

I wonder if anyone ever configured a TP-LINK device to connect to a hotspot AP.
After spending several hours I plea for some help...

I have a TL-WA7210N AP/CPE which allows the below configurations

AP Client Router Mode
AP Router Mode
Access Point
Repeater and Universal Repeater
Bridge with AP

I first tried the cliend mode, what I want is to have a wireless connection to the AP(Hotspot) and use the ethernet port to connect my pc.
This never worked

My only success was with AP Client Router Mode and my pc connected through the ethernet cable(also wireless connection available).
The TPLINK's wireless interface gets a hotspot IP address, while my pc gets an address from TPLINK's DHCP server.
This works for some minutesand then...
19:15:50 hotspot,info,debug user7 ( logged out: host removed: limiting addresses per mac

I increased the Hotspot Server's "Addresses Per Mac" to 2 (it was 1), and it seems that the problem is solved.
But as the TPLINK in this mode works also as an AP, I believe that if anyone else tries to connect to the Hotspot Network
through TP LINK's wireless will have a problem

Do I have to increase the "Addresses Per Mac"? Will this be safe?

Did any one else ever used the damn TPLINK as a simple transparent client without having to increase the allowed "Addresses Per Mac"?

Any experience would be greatly appreciated...
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Re: AP (Hotspot) - TP-LINK client

Wed Oct 07, 2015 3:08 pm

Hi, I have the similar issue and problem never solve. I wonder when Mikrotik expert will see our request and provide the best solution.

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