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weird winbox/router behviour

Tue Feb 24, 2015 4:04 pm

I have some routers I'd that are performing some traffic routing tasks. Not a lot stuff more. To see how much traffic they'd pass in real time I'd have them open on some PC's and have their interface traffic flow shown.
Sometimes for days the graphs are compact, but then, like some issue is there, the graphs get suspended once in a while. Like the traffic flow is halted. But in fact it is not. Sometimes opened exactly same view in another PC on same LAN the graphs are more stable. Or, the graphs also are broken, but at different times.
I can run a ping towards same router and they alway return, even with big packages and only if I set timeout smaller than 20ms I start to get some timeouts.
'Through' this router I also monitor my main gateway, but that one has no 'halts'. It shows a nice stable graph.
So imho it can't be a (local-)network issue. (It would also effect this router's info)
Can it be the router? Is the process that is showing the data throughput of the router not stable enough? Router is an rb1100AH and has plenty of power I would think.

Anybody have any clues where to look for to make these graphs stable. I have no clue where to start looking.....
See attached picture
Screenshot 2015-02-24 14.48.54.png
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