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Transparent Proxy + RouterBoard 493G + MicroSD =?

Sat Feb 28, 2015 5:49 pm

I'm attempting to enable a transparent proxy on my RB493G on Mikrotik 6.27 software.

The Routerboard 493G sees the MicroSD.

I can format it ext3 just fine.

Where I get stuck from the instructions I find, is I can't find the 'store' menu, and if I skip this step my proxy doesn't seem to be able to use the micro-sd as it says it is 'full' even though it shows as >20GB of Free space.

If I create the proxy and tell it to cache to disk, the only disk options I get are 'pub' and the name of the volume or name of the volume/lost+found (ext3 format)

I also tried formatting it to FAT32. each time it got to about 74% and then just stopped progressing. I wandered off and played a couple rounds of Battlefield and it still hasn't progressed. i've let it sit in case it's some kind of issue.

What's the right way to set up the proxy on a disk? Without the store option all the 'how to's' i've seen don't work.
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Re: Transparent Proxy + RouterBoard 493G + MicroSD =?

Sat Feb 28, 2015 6:54 pm

Did you try making folder on you SD Card so that you can mark your folder on SD card as folder for caching on disk?

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