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CRS125 QinQ / switch based on service tag

Sun Apr 05, 2015 6:14 am

Dear all,

Can you please advise if the following scenario is achievable using the Could Router Switch and how would the configuration look like :
Basically, I would like the switch separate the traffic based on Service Tag rather than Customer Tag.
The reason is that I want to switch already tagged traffic across the switch.

According to the wiki, the switch can be set in this mode :
/interface ethernet switch
set bridge-type=service-vid-used-as-lookup-vid
there seems to be a full control of both tags on ingress and egress using ingress-vlan-translation and egress-vlan-translation,

Is this possible on the CRS125 ?

What happens when i assign ports to vlans using /interface ethernet switch vlan add ports= , and the switch is in service-vid-used-as-lookup-vid mode ?

I've been playing around with vlans on CRS but it still seems to be doing just some random calculations and leak traffic across all the vlans.

Thank you
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