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Packet loss to downstream router connected to CCR1036-12G-4S after power cut

Sat May 16, 2015 1:56 am


We suffered a mains power outage earlier and this took offline our CCR1036-12G-4S in an uncontrolled fashion.

The CCR1036-12G-4S has three connections.
  • SFP1 (Mikrotik MM 1Gb module): Upstream connection to Internet
    SFP2 (Mikrotik SM 1Gb module): Downstream to RB1100AHx2 PPPoE NAS router
    ETH6 (1Gb LAN): Customer Access LAN
Internet<---->CCR<------>UBNT EdgeSwitch<---->RB1100AHx2
....................... |
.............Customer LAN

Since the CCR came back online, we're now getting 1-3% packet loss to the RB1100AHx2.
There is 0% packet loss to the Customer LAN and the CCR1036.
Before anyone asks, this is directly connected to the power cut, as before the power cut there was 0% packet loss. After the power cut there is 1+% packet loss. Bandwidth is plenty.

This would ordinarily be strange, however two weeks ago, the customer powered off the router (without graceful shutdown) and we had the exact same problem. Packet loss on the downstream RB1100AHx2 after the router came back online.
To solve it two weeks ago, we replaced the CCR1036 with a spare and this did the trick. 0% packet loss after the replacement.
We don't want to keep having to replace the hardware after each power cut!
Power cuts happen. UPS batteries run out of runtime. We can't always power off routers gracefully unfortunately.

The CCR1036 is on 6.27 (3.22)
The RB1100AHx2 is on 6.19 (3.18).

Before the power cut the CCR was on 6.19 I upgraded to 6.27 after the power cut to try and see if that would resolve the problem, and it's made no difference.

The RB1100AHx2 has 2 other backup connections and when we have altered our OSPF costings to route over them, we have 0% packet loss. This is an okay workaround apart from that they are wireless links with less capacity.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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