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Routerboard reply all the arp request for other hosts

Thu May 28, 2015 6:52 pm

Dear RB expert:

We meet the issue of arp. The RB reply the arp response for the request don't sent to gw.

Host A( request the arp for host B( , the RB response gw's mac address as the host B.
so the host A can't communicate with host B.

I capture the packets.

19 3.848197000 HonHaiPr_9d:06:29 Broadcast ARP 42 Who has Tell
20 3.848638000 Routerbo_de:03:1a HonHaiPr_9d:06:29 ARP 60 is at d4:ca:6d:de:03:1a

We try the 6.27,6.28, 6.29 on 750/450, they have same issue.
I only use default interface arp enable mode.
I use the hotspot auth on the interface.

RB should only reply the GW arp requirement, why response the other host arp requirement ?
Is it a bug ?

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