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High sector writes in resources v6.29.1 ??

Fri Jul 10, 2015 3:58 am

We are struggling the last weeks with randomly crashing ethernet ports and/or routers

Many router worked for months not to be years with regularly update ROS (and firmwares).
But since 6.27 to 6.29.1 upgrades (we really can do with the fastpath features in bridges etc.) and were hoping to stop some minor stability issues as well. But now we run into random routers that stop passing or receiving traffic at their ethernet interfaces.

It looks like over time memory gets full or what?

I'm reading many post in regard "Sector Writes" that are high since reboot or total. But what figures are normal?

Does it harm?
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Rudy R. Puister

WISP operator based on MT routerboard & ROS.

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