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No more mac level access to neighbour in new ROS? (v.6)

Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:05 pm

In the 'old' days (before v.6 I think) if I was on a routerboard I could always reach a wire or wireless connected other routerboard as long as I knew the mac address of that other board.

Nowadays that feature is gone.... so now I cannot reach the neighbor if it only has a mac (no IP)

This happens with me when I put a new board on the table and the new winbox doesn't even see it, or only after 10 mins or so.

If both boards have IP address in the same network, mac level address works.
If remote board has IP in different network, I cannot do a mac telnet session, but I can do a mac-png?
(Work around is to give the board from where I work an IP address in the same network as the remote (sometimes need to isolate that port connected to remote from the rest of the network not to create IP conflict) and mac or IP telnet works again.

Now I have the situation that a remote board (remote by wireless, remote board = station-bridge) was connect to AP where AP and remote were both part of a backhaul and both had their interfaces bridged with the IP of the network on the bridge.

I needed now to have remote still perform as backhaul in a link but the AP had to start serving other clients in different network.

So had to break the bridge in AP (and clients connect to wlan1 with client network IP+dhcp-server) and on top of the wlan1 I made a vlan that would have to connect to remote backhaul unit again. The vlan is needed to separate the backhaul from the client network.

On remote backhaul we now also need a vlan. Since both physical interface (wlan+eth) were bridge, the IP resides on the bridge. But I had to break that bridge, create a vlan on the wlan1 and bring the vlan into the bridge instead of the wlan. This way the radios on both end just made the physical contact and the vlan's will make the backhaul again.

BUT, the moment I removed the wlan of remote from its bridge IP connection was lost. Makes sense, IP of remote is on bridge and since wlan is taken out that part of the network became unreachable.

"No problem" I can now log in from AP with a mac telnet session and bring remote vlan in the bridge and the network would be fixed again....
Well no, although I can mac ping the remote unit I cannot make a telnet session to it! Tried everything. Isolate AP's radio, put dummy IP on AP's wlan, put valid network IP on AP's wlan, disabled vlan on the wlan of AP, nothing. I can ping remote radio's mac, but no mac-telnet

Why is this? In the past I used this procedure many, many times. One of the things I liked in Mikrotik winbox compared above the competition was that I always could reach a unit by mac as long as I know that mac!
Now I cannot anymore!

Or does anybody had another trick in the book?
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