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Double MAC/Double IP address in Hotspot

Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:24 pm

I am getting this behavior on most of my Mik's RB450g various version of ROS to current,
All Ubiquiti M2 AP M5 back hauls I think mostly the one with lots of AP's and back hauls.
I am monitoring AP for device to be on 2 AP. or flipping back an forth.

154 A 0C:3E:9F:D8:BA:04 hotspot1 1h
153 D 0C:3E:9F:D8:BA:04 hotspot1 12h

143 D 28:E1:4C:F3:A2:D8 hotspot1 12h
216 H 28:E1:4C:F3:A2:D8 hotspot1 12h

67 D 88:CB:87:A5:DF:C4 hotspot1 12h
184 H 88:CB:87:A5:DF:C4 hotspot1 12h

Any ideas
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