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6.31 'check for updates' thinks 6.31 is an update

Wed Aug 26, 2015 7:17 pm

Hi -

I have multiple Mikrotik devices. One is a 493G and then three 912UAG-2HPnD

All of them with 6.31 running on them think that when I 'check for updates' that 6.31 is new and offer to download and install.

This breaks my package script that checks to do the auto-update method

The script is:

/system package update
:delay 1s;
:if ( [get current-version] != [get latest-version]) do={ upgrade }

each time it runs, it re-downloads 6.31 and applies it.

It's only started doing this post 6.31. Prior to that, never saw it. Not sure if there is a bug in the 'current' selection stuff that was added?
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Re: 6.31 'check for updates' thinks 6.31 is an update

Fri Aug 28, 2015 11:54 pm

/system package update> install                
          channel: current
  current-version: 6.31
   latest-version: 6.31
           status: Downloaded 90% (8.0MiB)
why downloading?

/system package update 
cancel  check-for-updates  download  edit  export  get  install  print  set
where is "upgrade"?
Scripts to 500 devices currently are not working :-x :roll:

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