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DMA Soft LAB and Mikrotik as NAS issue with number of users.

Tue Feb 25, 2020 8:39 am


We are using DMA Soft Lab (v 4.3) as radius manager located in our DC in IBM highend server. Mikrotik (CCR - 1036) is used in remote location as NAS. We have followed all recommendation by Mikrotik while configuring it as NAS. We have customized Captive portal to meet our basic requirement; changing logo, coloring it etc.

Problem / Challenge: When 6 or more users try to login or do registration at the same time, Login or Registration button shows "Loading" status. And after 10 seconds 5-6 users get registered but rest of the users get a "Timeout" warning.

Solution Looking For: How can I increase number of con-current users login or registration without any problem.

Thanks in Advance

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