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RBcAPL-2nD any known physical issues with ethernet port?

Sat Jun 19, 2021 10:01 pm

Are there any known physical issues with the ethernet port of the RBcAPL-2nD? I have 62 RBcAPL-2nDs installed in a hospitality environment for 3 years now. They are wired with Primus double sheathed cable using Ubiquiti Toughcable connectors with drain wire connected. They are powered by RB960PGS. The cable is run outside the buildings which is why we are using our well loved Primus cable. It then punches through the wall into the RBcAPL-2nD so that there are no visible wires in the rooms.

The double sheathed cable doesn't like to bend in the tight mounting space of the RBcAPL-2nD after coming through the wall. We have had issues with many of the RBcAPL-2nD losing ethernet connection and / or power from the 960s. Wiggling the mounted RBcAPL-2nD is sometimes enough to get it to reconnect. Wiggling changes the geometry of the cable to the RBcAPL-2nD, which probably more closely aligns the connector in the port. Both mount screws are in place so the amount wiggle is very small. That makes me think that the ports may have a tolerance issue that is causing them to be too loose for the Ubiquiti toughcable connector. Sometimes a unit which has been disconnected like this for a week will seemingly reconnect on it's own. Perhaps due to thermal expansion / contraction.

I know the AirFiber 5x units had tolerance issues in their connectors at one point which led to a lot of similar issues. I wonder if the RBcAPL-2nD may have gotten a similar out of tolerance batch of connectors.

We don't have this issue with any of our other RouterBoard or Ubiquiti or Mimosa or Cambium gear.

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