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New OmniTik!

Wed Apr 27, 2016 6:08 pm

Is Mikrotik considering replacement for the Omnitiks?

Just the upgrade to 'ac' and faster cpu would already be a big bonus. (PA models!)

Advantage of OmniTik that so far not seen in any other AP soluction:

1- Light weight
2- 4 poe-out ports!
3- Cheap

Improvement needed in order of importance due changing marked:

1- faster cpu / more memory
2- bigger gain antenna. (7,5 is minimal, 9 or 10 would be ideal)
3- more power on the radio. (26dBm is marginal. 30dBm is more usefull in nowadays world where most directional CPE throws more signal at the AP than the AP can to the CPE. But it is the CPE that needs the most signal = download)
4- 'ac' to be ready for 'ac' clients and the future.

Maybe two new models could be produced:

1. Based on rb911G-5HPnD but with 4 x POE-out ports & L4 in 8-9dBi antenna (rb941G-5HPnDPA?)
2. Based on rb922UAGS-5HPacD with 4 x POE-out ports and the SFP cage. L4 (rb942UAGS-HPacD) 8-9 dBi

Why not use netmetals or netbox?
Well, they don't come with PoE-out ports and you need to buy a separate antenna.
To get a configuration with PoE-out, switch, omni antenna is always costing a lot more and takes a lot more space and never seen in one housing....

If I was MT I would build out a whole range of OmniTiks.
(Giga or fast ethernet ports, Metal case or plastic. 2 different kind of gain antennas. yes or not a SFP cage. 600 / 720 (or higher!) speed cpu. Plenty of options.)

Imho a good set of omntiks with the already available range of CPE would make a very interesting product line.
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