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RB800 not booting with 48V POE Switch

Sat Oct 01, 2016 9:59 pm

My RB800 is not booting up from Cisco 3560 POE Switch.
RB800 is installed in mobile tower, power/data supply for Cat6 STP cable of 30 mtr.
After every Power Trip, router is not starting up automatically. We need to go to Tower and manually restart the Rputer. After one or two restarts, it working fine.
We are not getting the issue why it is happened. RB800 is powered by 57V POE adapter.

To get remote restarting of Routerboard, we installed 48V Cisco 3560POE switch, but Router is not starting.
At the same height other RB433 are installed and working fine with 24V POE adapter.

What could be the issue : Routerboard hardware issue, cable issue or configuration issue.
There is no log or any error after RB comes in normal state.

Please support

Sandeep Baral

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