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CRS317 FCS on gigabit port with 100M client

Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:18 pm


I didn't find any similar problem on the forum so i make this new topic.

I just received the CRS317 so i'm testing it.
First thing, as usual, is to update it, but i get between 6kbs and 100kbs to do so...
Tried to use IP mode (instead of MAC winbox), the same.

Checking port status, i see it wee auto negociated to 100M but a lot of FCS.
I removed the slaves from it, no changes.
I tried RouterOS 6.41rc44 as well, the problem is still there.

Note that when using a gigabit port the problem disappear.
On every Routerboards i have (i think i have almost all possible models) every 1G ports were always 100M compatible, so i wonder if that's a fixable issue or if that's a hardware (not mentioned) limitation.

Thank you

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