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Suggestion of new hardware for street poles

Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:26 pm

Hello everyone, excuse my bad English, i'm using google translate.
I'm Pablo Ferrazza from Paraguay, with my company we are starting the implementation of low cost wired systems, fiber optic hybrid and utp cable, in the street poles we install watertight boxes and within them unmanageable switches, we use wi-tek brand switches, but I I would like to have the functionality of RouterOS for the implementation of the OSPF protocol and thus create a redundant system.

In the electronic part, the switch works like this. There are models of 8 and 16 ports with two SFP ports, ports 1-7; 1-15 are POE IN, so the subscribers feed the switch with a POE injector, ports 8; 15 are POE OUT, with which another switch or CPE could be fed.

I would like that this electronics can be implemented in a RouterBOARD, ports 1-7, 1-15 can work in a bridge / switch, ports 8,16 and SFP directly connected to the CPU. The CPU could be MT7621A, sufficient for the traffic implemented.
It would also be good to incorporate the mUPS in the RouterBOARD, to have uninterrupted power, which would be enough with a 12v 7Ah battery.

So far is what I can think of, I leave some photos of the implementations made. ... gH2Fb0oOpw ... 5hT-JRPypQ ... hEwwky3WQw ... -Q3KWQUFBg ... GT-CDfV-FA ... SW4FzyxWgw
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Re: Suggestion of new hardware for street poles

Thu Dec 28, 2017 5:16 pm

very good idea, that witek switch is very interesting, will be nice to see a device like that but by mikrotik with routeros
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Re: Suggestion of new hardware for street poles

Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:50 am

I get asked by consulting clients if Mikrotik have a product that can do this about twice a Month (they always mention WiTek), so there is definitely demand.

A CRS3xx with gigabit ports that can be backfed power from multiple ports, and has G.8032v2 (to build redundant ring topologies) would be an amazing product. | Mikrotik MTCNA, MTCRE, MTCINE | Fortinet FTCNA, FCNSP, FCT | Extreme Networks ENA

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