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Rb941-2nd, will it work ? link aggregation/bonding to make two 200M ports?

Tue Mar 06, 2018 4:26 am

Hello, I recently bought a Hap Lite (Rb941-2nd TC) to replace my old Linksys router because frankly, it was the first inexpensive router I'd seen that seemed up to the task of replacing it. I had been using the WRT for over a decade.

I see this unit similarly lasting me a long time and Ive already recommended them to a number of people. It represents a very good value for the money- definitely.

In keeping with that theme I am wondering if I could use its four ports to do link aggregation with my old managed switch. My net connection currently is 100 Mbit but I think they are offering an upgrade for free. But without bonding two ports together I wouldn't be able to use the extra speed. Can the old 24 port Cisco/Linksys SOHO switch be used to "bond" two ports on the router together to get a faster input pipe - or maybe 200 MBps input and output? (Can I use the remaining two ports to provide another 200 MBps pipe back into the switch?) That way I am thinking I could take maximal advantage of the hardware. I will still have enough gigabit ethernet ports on the old switch for the rest of our LAN?

Our firewalling needs are fairly modest, but getting more speed would be great. I wasnt execting to be able to bond the ports together. Its impressive the capabilities RouterOS, (even in the diminutive Rb941-2nd) brings to the table.

Its the first Mikrotik product I've bought and I am interested in seeing what I can do with it.

I can see that its *quite* a bit faster than the Linksys WRT54 was already.
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Re: Rb941-2nd, will it work ? link aggregation/bonding to make two 200M ports?

Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:16 pm

Looking at performance chart it might be able to do that. But the cpu power lost on two bondings will be so big that there will not remain anything for firewall processing. Rather buy 750Gr3 or hap ac2 and use gigabit ports instead of the bondings. It is also time to try other things that 941 can not do...

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