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Routers with switch chip / CRS - switch downtime during reboot cycle?

Tue Mar 27, 2018 5:38 pm


I wonder - in context of RouterOS / SwOS reboot cycle - what is inactivity period of switch device? I'm not really talking about time in seconds but more about events, as in - does switch chip require full OS to be booted up or is switch active already during OS boot procedure, or power supply is enough or...? Which MikroTik device with switch capabilities can provide minimal reboot / update cycle time and which OS?

I have 2 virtualization servers active/passive with DRDB storage mirror however they have single network interface on motherboards and I'd like to get whole path redundant. If they had two interfaces then I could just get whole network path duplicated and use VRRP. However as it's not the case I have choice between getting some small switch in front of each server which would allow to connect each server to both paths or get USB dongle with gigabit for each to do the same without switch but second variant sounds ghetto as hell xD First variant bounds availability to reboot time of such switch devices and probably would require flipping storage to read only for a while and pause pacemaker in order to avoid cluster switching to slave node and expensive resync.

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