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S+RJ10 and CSS326(2.7) connection frequently drop from 10G to 100M

Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:10 am

I have been with S+RJ10 and CSS326(2.7) for 2 months, my workstation is windows10+intel x550 t1.

My workstation is on 7/24, recently I notice the NIC frequently works on 100M instead of 10G. Disable/enable NIC doesn't work, but reboot CSS326 will restore the connection speed to 10G.

I used to doubt it was the fault of the temperature, so I added an active fan into CSS326 directly on the S+RJ10 modules. But it doesn't work. The connection issue shows up every day, I have to reboot the switch every day.

People from Mikrotik please help, is it a firmware issue or do I need an RMA?

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