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2 lhg60 and 3 450Gx4 fail at the same time

Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:46 pm

450gx4 - bridge only
450gx4- multibridge nat firewall
450gx2- router no bridge

2 lhg - p2p link

different location on whole network in different cities, 100% buffered power supply

6.42.1-6.42.7 verson on rb

Core network is network with
bridge wireless antennas,
and isolated by mikrotik routers to customers
every router in core network see each other in l2 (no vlan)

there is about 80 other mikrotik routers to serve internet
and 90 wds links soft below 6.42 nothing happend
no other arm devices

yesterday night
with no reason all above arm devices hang up,
stop pass traffic, stop respond even on mac ping
in the same time
manual power cycle was needed.

on one 450x device was ip watchdog, even this wasnt help.

no any changes in network were done.

Any ideas ?

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