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Single mode fiber SFP with OTDR functionality

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 3:51 am
by mfadzilmy
Does Mikrotik has any plans to support OTDR functionalities in SFP transceiver?
I was in talk with several SFP transceiver vendor with OTDR functionalities and mostly came back saying their product in capable to detect fiber distance and save in the transceiver EEPROM . However, the switch needs to be able to read the info from the EEPROM. This feature (knowing fiber distance, especially when there is fiber cut) will make Mikrotik having additional advantage compare to other switches. I’m sure a lot of customers would want to have the feature built in Mikrotik switches. Since the OTDR feature is available in the transceiver already, it only takes little addition to the Mikrotik firmware to be able to read the info from the EEPROM. It can via access via CLI or SNMP.

I will be happy to be a beta test user should Mikrotik decide to test this feature.
FYI: We are a service provider focusing largely providing dark fiber services and having this feature will be greatly beneficial. And of course, we definitely get more Mikrotik switches if it supports this functionality via 3rd party SFP with OTDR or their own SFP or even OEM. I’m sure worldwide, every user will agree for this.

Example of one product that support OTDR and save the distance in their EEPROM.