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Metal2 SHPN Reset button defekt

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 10:50 am
by dl1nux
Hi there

I hava a problem with one Metal2 SHPN. The reset button is defect (see attachement). Before that it was in a bootloop after a RouterOS Upgrade. Actually I can't push "Reset" to use Netinstall for flashing the routerboard again. I removed the defective parts from the push button and now it is in a kid of reset loop. I Hear the reset sound every time it is powered on and also about every 10 seconds when I leave it this way.
The reset button has 4 contacts I can see. Can anyone tell me how the contact are interconnected normally?
I don't want to throw away this unit only beacause of the reset button issue.
Thanks in advance.