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SXTG-2HnDv2 - USB port gone?

Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:04 am

We have deployed many SXTG-2HnD ("version 1") devices and are using the USB to communicate/reset power to a USB/UART module.

But with the latest version of this product "SXTG-2HnDv2", the USB is gone.

1. Are there any other options in this new revision for a UART or USB interface?
2. There are UART pads up by the JTAG interface. Can these be made available to RouterOS?
3. Any other options?

In version "SXTG-2HnD" the Atheros 7242 chip supplied the USB via pins 73, 74 & 75. The LQFP-128 pin package makes it easy to trace.

In version "SXTG-2HnDv2" the Atheros 9344 chip is used. Pins W27 and Y27 on the Atheros 9334 are used for USB data transfer. Due to the 409-pin BGA package, we can not locate where on the board they reside (if at all). If available, can you help us locate the via or test points to use the USB?

If the HW is available, is the software available? It appears as the the Linux UART drivers are still being loaded.
[admin@MikroTik] /system resource usb> /system resource usb print detail 
 0 device="1:1" vendor="Linux 3.3.5 ehci_hcd" name="RB400 EHCI" 
   serial-number="rb400_usb" vendor-id="0x1d6b" device-id="0x0002" 
   speed="480 Mbps" ports=1 usb-version="2.00" 
Thanks in advance,

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