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XBOX One connected standby causing port flapping on hAP lite

Mon Dec 03, 2018 3:36 am

Not sure if our Latvian friends can solve this issue or if Microshoft are completely at fault but we predominantly use hAP lites as CPEs. We narrowed port flapping issues to XBOX users. It would appear that when they go into standby they cause the port on the hAP lites to flap. I'm not sure if this affects MIPSBE gear too.

As if remote fault finding wasn't difficult enough.
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Re: XBOX One connected standby causing port flapping on hAP lite  [SOLVED]

Mon Dec 03, 2018 4:34 am

I have seen several times MoBo going from 1Gbit to 100Mbit when computer goes to "off" mode (but no flapping). I guess XBOX goes bit further in the attempt to save power.
The "check if the switch port has been disabled for link flap error detection" is probably joke if you sent them the picture - it clearly is disabled as it keeps flapping (I know there is no such setting in ROS so it can't be enabled)
Based on answer from that engineer, it is clear the flapping is normal function of XBOX and those guys simply expect that nobody will look at logs. Only solution I can see is to disable this extreme power-saving state (if it is possible).
I cannot imagine, what could Mikrotik do about it.

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