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Power CRS109-8G-1S-2HnD using Cisco POE Switch

Mon Dec 03, 2018 3:46 pm

Hi mates.

I bought a set of CRS109-8G-1S-2HnD units and just found out that, even through it is 802.3af compliant, it's PoE compatibility is limited to a really small list of devices ( ... lity_table).

My Cisco switch SG110-24HP isn't on the list, and i couldn't figure out how to power these units using it. Neither a direct cable or crossover cable did the trick. Tried multiple UTP's to isolate cabling problems.

Any ideas? I'm out of budget to purchase 802.3af to passive converters ( ... -adapters/) and would love to hear about a working case scenario using similar CRS109 and Cisco equipments. Even if i have to mess with the pin orders as this is a really small and controlled deploy.

Best regards

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