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Quality of soho mikrotik router

Fri Dec 07, 2018 7:14 pm

I worked at small commertial organization. My director was great admirer of Mikrotik router. RouterOS is really good and many-functional router platform. But! Quality of hard makes you wonder. My first soho was RB951Ui. Once he became unstable work: bridge stopped transmitting traffic over the internal network and the computers stopped seeing each other. After reboot workability was restored. After few day history was repeated. I bought a new but it was also unable to work because it spontaneously rebooted cyclically. approximately so ... bQrpV.html

I changed it in the store, maybe it works fine so far. And the faulty Director gave it to me. Once the same story repeated with the bridge with my mikrotik, but then he worked for a long time without failure. Recently happened to it the same as with a new faulty router from shop which changed - cyclic reset.It is impossible to connect netinstall because the network interface too was rebooted, the device is not found.

The warranty is not over yet, but I have no documents from the store. This is a statistic!!!! And I'm never going to buy products Mikrotik.

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