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SXT SA5 ac - Is holding down the black button next to the LED the same as shorting the reset jumper?

Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:12 pm

I have a brand new SXT SA5 ac. Straight out the box. It won't do a thing. LED comes on, but nothing. Cannot see it on Ethernet, cannot see it on USB serial, dead.

I have been reading that I should hold reset for 15 seconds when powering on to get it into netinstall mode.

I have been holding down the button (black plastic) next to the power LED light. It's meant to make the LED start to flash. Nothing happens at all no matter how long I hold it down.

Is this is right way to put this box into netinstall mode or do I have to short the jumper?

To get to the jumper I have to disassemble the kit which I don't want to do because I am beginning to think that the manufacturing is very poor on these devices and I have been sold something that was broken before it left the factory.

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