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I would like to change the design of your 802.11ad access point
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[idea] cAP 60Gx3 lite

Thu Jan 31, 2019 9:04 pm


I have a lot of buildings with only one RJ45 socket per room for wireless access points. So I have 2x cAP ac connected to it powered by a pre 802.3at switch which can power up to 30W per port. I use 40Mhz channels mostly for 5Ghz as there many rooms with many students around.
My goal would be to upgrade it next year with 1 additional access point supporting 802.11ad, i.e.

1 RJ45 1 GbE port----cAP ac----cAP ac---- 802.11ad access point

Therefore I would like to suggest the "cAP 60Gx6 lite":
- CAPSMAN support
- 802.11ad
- 180° (Kind of)Omni Antenna
- range: ~20m (it´s for indoor use, i.e. rooms; 802.11ad quality should be as good as 802.11ac)
- low power, as it should work behind those 2x cAP ac.

If you publish that 802.11ad cAP ac, we would need an USB 3.0 802.11ad adapter as well...

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