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DISC Lite5 AC Wireless Interface missing after upgrade to 6.44.3

Wed May 29, 2019 2:36 am

I received one more pair of this CPE yesterday, but due to lack of time I could not replace the PTP, I did it only today.

After replacing, I ended up committing the igenuity of upgrading with the equipment in the field, something stupid of me. However, the problem is not there, this is because the equipment has totally lost the wireless interface.

I read in this topic viewtopic.php?t=87620 that the problem was solved with few steps, however, I did the same procedures and did not succeed. Luckily I upgraded only 1 device to the base, and I was able to replace it and keep the ptp with SXT-> DISC Only-N until this issue is resolved.

I go to the forum to find out how to solve this, I have already done the following procedures:

1- Downgrade to 6.43.16
2- Upgrade to 6.44.3 (again)
Firmware 3-upgrade
4- Downgrade to 6.43.16
Firmware 5-update
6- Reseteimable (After the deadline above)
7- Netinstall with version 6.44.3
8- Netinstall with version 6.43.16

And even with all of these procedures, the device still does not display the interface .. I have to return it to the supplier, I do not want to read, just return with habio time so that it can also get the exchange of this hardware that apparently presents problems, but not I'm sure of it!

Thanks in advance

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