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[IDEA] Mikrotik entry into GPON ONU

Sat Jun 01, 2019 6:29 pm

We all wish Mikrotik to produce xPON low cost ONU. A quick, easy and cheap way would come in handy. This should save Mikrotik R&D resources. How about if they produced a PoE injector that has two ports.
Port 1 - xPON fiber in(from operator)
Port 2 - Power+Data out(To customer routerboard device)
This would enable easy conversion of existing networks as operators shall only have to buy the power bricks. It would also be a quick way for Mikrotik to jump into the xPON sector fast and deep.
Some requisites would be;
-Compatible with most if not all the OLT brands.
-Competitive pricing, like the Chinese xPON ONU makers (<$10 for the FPoE)
-Have a combo pack with existing routerboards to replace PSUs Important for operators already in the xPON field.
-PoE standard enough to power products under home and office products section.
-No need for fancy addons.

Hopefully Mikrotik gives a road map on this or related developments.

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