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Don't set Router Antenna Gain

Wed Jun 26, 2019 7:43 pm

Hey everyone. I'm just looking for an answer I can't work out completely logically in my head and I've not seen any posts in this forum that match what I'm looking for.
I'm wondering what are the ramifications for not setting the Antenna Gain in Routeros on SOHO and home routers. I've personally experienced some routers having high ping loss to the device (hAP AC) which if you set the antenna gain to 5 maybe as high as 8 the loss completely stops. Just curious if anyone else can shed some light on that.
To me maybe the hardware is being pushed beyond its limits. If that's the case how likely is it to cause lasting damage to the device?
Also I've seen a Mikrotik MUM in which it was said that not setting the gain also can cause the higher MCS rates to be off.
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Re: Don't set Router Antenna Gain

Wed Jun 26, 2019 8:23 pm

Setting antenna gain to higher values effectivrly means decreasing Tx power of MT AP. Nothing more, nothing less.

So when you find out that this setting helps to stabilize the link, it's likely that received signal strength at the other end is simply too high and it causes (spurious) interference in the receiver which degrades link quality.

My (limited) experience is that with most WiFi devices Rx signal level higher than -40dBm is too much. Signal at around -50dBm is optimal and link works acceptably good down to -70dBm. Below that things start to get worse and cease to work when Rx signal level drops below around -90dBm (but this largely depends on interference level).

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