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Power Consumption with LTE Products.

Thu Jul 04, 2019 7:58 pm

First of all I want to congratulate all the mikrotik team for the latest products released to the market.

Since some time ago we were waiting for mikrotik to bring to the market a finished product that included LTE / 3G / GPRS to stop having the need to resort to third party routers connecting them to mikrotik routers.

These last months have launched very interesting products such as:
  • LtAP mini LTE kit
  • LtAP LTE kit
  • wAP LTE kit
  • wAP ac LTE kit
I would like to tell you that at the level of operation for the clients, the LtAP LTE equipment is the best designed since it is possible to see the state of the equipment for a worker without the need to disassemble covers while in the others to see if the equipment is or not in operation is necessary to have tools to open the equipment and see LEDs.

We are proving and using these equipment in remote places where we never use the wireless connection, but it would be very interesting if the equipment had the minimum consumption possible, because it work with solar panels. The LTE/3G/GPRS connection spend less than 50Mbytes per month.

At the moment we deactivate the wireless cards from the Winbox and put the CPU at the minimum frequency but still the consumption is high. Is it possible to reduce consumption in some other way?
Have you thought about creating some equipment with very low consumption (it is not necessary to have a large cpu with many cores) with 2 or more ethernets and 2 or more mini-pcie to be able to have 2 LTE / 3G?

Thanks a lot,

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