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any roadmap for 100gbps hardware?

Mon Jul 08, 2019 10:22 pm

Hi there...a friend has asked me if I knew of anything for 100g from Mikrotik. Does anyone know if there's anything planed or in the pipeline?

thanks leon
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Re: any roadmap for 100gbps hardware?

Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:04 pm

There was a 100Gbit/s router mentioned over 2 years ago: viewtopic.php?t=121533 No roadmap for it, yet:
We are working on some future high speed routers with around 100Gbit throughput, and we would like your input on what types of ports you would want to see in such devices.
If you imagine a device with around 16 ports (just an example), how many of them would you want to be (just examples, you can add your own ideas):

SFP+ (10G)
SFP28 (25G)
QSFP (4x10G)
10Gbit copper (10G)
Management with PoE

Let us know in the replies here

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