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PW48V-12V85W input voltage range

Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:51 pm


We run a handful of tower sites, most of which run on DC power. Our typical setup is a series of 4 AGM batteries and a charger for them. Typical output is 54V; Less when the grid power is off and the batteries are discharging.

Usually this DC power is fed into a Netonix PoE switch, which then powers the rest of the site devices.

We have been using CCR-1009 routers, with power delivered via PoE from the Netonix.

We want to move up to the CCR-1036 routers so we'll have more capacity. The 1036s do not have a provision for PoE input. We bought a handful of MikroTik PW48V-12V85W DCDC power supplies for them, but as I look at the specs I'm not sure if we can use them without some extra accommodation being made. The datasheet specifies an input voltage of 48V to 48V. If I just connect it to this 54V bus, I'll be exceeding the spec. It sounds like I may need to use external drivers to first boost the voltage (to ensure it stays above 48V even if the batteries have discharged down to 24V or below), and then buck it back down to 48V.

To confuse matters, one of the resellers of the power supply shows an input voltage range of 36V to 57V: ... 2V85W.html

It would be great if this is the true spec. That would mean that I can skip the buck stage.

Can anyone comment on the input voltage range? Is it indeed 48V-48V as specified in the datasheet found on, or is it instead 36V-57V like the reseller page says? (or something else?)
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Re: PW48V-12V85W input voltage range

Thu Aug 08, 2019 2:02 pm

The supported input range is 36V-57V

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