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RB4011 and sfp gpon modules

Mon Aug 19, 2019 1:19 am

I know that this topic was discussed here but my criteria is a little bit different.
first, my goal is to achieve 2.5Gbps downlink with my GPON fiber connection.
I have a huawei GPON ONT with gigabit ethernet ports, it's plugged to my RB4011.
I have some services that are not bandwidth capped at all and the download speed tops at around 104-112MB/s, so the only bottleneck is my gigabit connection.
the first thing that came to my mind was using huawei sfp GPON modules but it is known that the RB4011 does not support Passive DAC modules and SFP GPON modules (even though some report that it worked fine with some modules).
you can find the discussion about this matter here.
anyway, even if I were able to get the gpon module to work with the RB4011, I still would not have full 2.5Gbps because the RB4011 has only 1SFP+ port and link aggregation will not give true 2.5Gbps speed.
so the only option left is to buy a router with 2x+ sfp+ ports, but these are really expensive and noisy.
surfing through the forums, I found a guy who is facing asimilar problem .
and one of the suggestions was:
I was thinking and there are few ways to solve this:
  1. Give up half of bandwidth (10Gbit half-duplex instead of 10Gbit full-duplex) and design your network with "router on a stick". Router might be then connected to a switch with 3 or more SFP+ ports (passive cooled are only CRS305-1G-4S+IN and CRS317-1G-16S+RM) . Your internet packets would go to switch where it would get VLAN-tagged and forwarded to your router. Router can then do all routing stuff, address translations, queues etc etc, and then send the data back to switch, either untagged or via another tagged VLAN. Switch can then distribute it to your LAN..
so basically, I'll buy a 4+ ports sfp+ mikrotik switch and plug the sfp GPON module into the switch and the switch to the RB4011.
My questions is will this solution work, I mean will the sfp GPON module work with the switch, do I need a specific mikrotik sfp+ switch ?
and what are the disadvantages of this solution ?, like will it increase latency since I'm running in half duplex mode ?

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